Eco-activists decry planned Oman border fence


Designed to block spillover violence from Yemen, proposed fence could also decimate leopard population, critics say.

By Gaar Adams | May 4, 2014   aljazeera

Dhofar, Oman – Tucked into the southeast corner of the Arabian Peninsula, the nation of Oman sits in a tumultuous space – sharing land borders with Yemen and an expansive southern coast with the occasional Somali pirates.

But while adjacent Yemen struggles to rein in violence across multiple provinces – including attacks on the military in the east and south as well as clashes with rebels in the north – Oman largely operates without the burden of either the domestic unrest or armed groups that plagues its neighbour.

With the lingering fear that turmoil or fighting could spill into its peaceful terrain, however, Oman has discreetly begun preliminary surveys on a proposed security fence spanning the length of its border with Yemen. But a group of regional conservationists is concerned that the ecological consequences of the 290km-long fence are not being considered.

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