From Cairo to Antwerp, With One Chance to Make it Count


This past weekend at the World Gymnastics Championships in Belgium, competitors from across the globe tried to distinguish themselves from the pack heading into the next Olympic quadrennium.  The sport’s governing body is trying to make sure gymnasts from developing programs like those in the Middle East get their shot as well.

 By Gaar Adams | Beacon | October 11, 2013

Gymnastics is a sport of dynasties — for over half a century, only Japan, China, and the Soviet Union have stood atop the podium as world champions in the men’s team event (The sole exception? Belarus in 2001, with a team consisting of members who once competed in the Soviet Union’s junior ranks before the country’s dissolution.) For a quarter century between 1978 and 2003, a Romanian woman tumbled her way onto the floor exercise podium at every world championships save for only three odd occasions. And for the past eight Worlds, the United States has medaled in the prestigious women’s all-around competition each year – winning gold five of those times and achieving the feat of winning both gold and silver an astounding three times…

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