A New Model For Quality Journalism

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Beacon – and that I am one of 28 writers around the world working on this cutting-edge new platform for journalism.

In a world where industry leaders like The New York Times and Wall Street Journal are erecting paywalls and struggling with how to monetize online content, I’m incredibly proud to be part of this radical new model for online journalism that turns that failing paradigm on its head. What makes Beacon so groundbreaking is that the audience directly funds its journalists — your $5 a month subscription goes directly to a writer (me!) but allows you access to each piece of writing on Beacon from each talented journalist.  So you are funding quality reporting and only quality reporting — Beacon doesn’t have to include inappropriate ad banners or cheap tactics like click-through slideshows of half-naked celebrities to generate ad venue (on the off chance that an outlet’s money would even go to a freelance assignment.)

The idea is to combat journalism’s present (failing) business model which results in things like correspondents in Syria having to get by on $70 bucks an article because mainstream outlets just don’t pay for freelancers like they used to.  But this isn’t just about foreign correspondents getting their dues — it’s about your access to in-depth reporting and non-sensationalized storytelling.

Please check it out.  Founded by Facebook’s former editor (and featuring a crackerjack team with bylines in The New York Times, Harpers, TIME, The Wall Street Journal, and more) Beacon will be damn worth it, I promise.

I’m so freaking proud to be a part of this team.  You can subscribe to my page below, where I’ll be focusing on arts & culture in the Arabian Peninsula and the greater Middle East.  It’s super easy — click “Fund His Work” and go from there:


And you’ve even got a two-week free trial to see if you like it — but we’re confident you will.  Just think: well-reported, informed writing from an outlet that cares about readers instead of advertising revenue — all for the price of one beer a month.  Or, for my friends in New York, maybe even just half a beer if you’re somewhere classy.  Or three late-night, drunken shawarma. (And let’s be real — you have four.)

My first story, on an unorthodox campaign to preserve a delicate, floating jungle in Abu Dhabi is here:


Support the people who create great journalism.  Subscribe to me on Beacon.

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